Telkom Unlimited Prepaid Data LTE

Telkom Unlimited Prepaid LTE. Unlimited Off-Peak offers uncapped mobile data for 31 days between midnight and 19:00 for R229.

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Customers can buy regular once-off capped bundles for the hours between 19:01 and 23:59:59, Telkom says.

Unlimited All-Hours is R849 and is also valid for 31 days from the day of activation. As the name implies, it doesn’t have any time restrictions and is available 24 hours per day.

Both packages are governed by Telkom’s fair use policy. It works as follows:

You get 250 GB of data at a maximum speed of 10 Mbps
After that, you get 50GB of data at 4 Mbps
After that, you are limited to a top speed of 2 Mbps for the rest of the month