Xbox Series X and Series S Contract Deals South Africa

Xbox Series X and Series S Contract Deals South Africa. The Xbox Series S has a lot to offer, with gorgeous graphics and an enormous game selection. But it’s not the most future-proof gadget you can buy.The Xbox Series S is one of the most unusual consoles I’ve seen in years. It’s a less expensive, less powerful version of Microsoft’s flagship Xbox Series X — the kind of thing you’d expect to see a few years into a console’s lifespan, like a Wii Mini or a PS2 Slim. And yet, here it is: a sleek, white box launching on the exact same day as its bigger, beefier counterpart.

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n fact, the best thing about the Series S interface is arguably its consistency. Over the past few months, Microsoft has revamped its store, as well as its PC and Android Xbox apps. There’s now a great deal of consistency between the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox PC app and Xbox Android app. The message is clear: Microsoft is building an Xbox ecosystem, and you’ll be able to access that experience from almost anywhere.

What the Xbox Series S interface lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in utility — especially when you consider just how many games you can access via Xbox Game Pass on two different console generations, as well as PCs and mobile devices.

Xbox Series X and Series S Contract Deals South Africa Requirements

  • Latest Payslip
  • Bank Statement
  • ID Card/ ID Book