MTN Student Bundle Offer

MTN Student Bundle Offer. These new bundles, which are available by dialling USSD *411# are designed to provide our customers with a variety of offers for calling, internet surfing, and social media.

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MTN Pulse data bundles

There are three types of MTN Pulse data bundles available apart from the student bundle – integrated, data only, and social pass.

Social Pass bundles include data which is cheaper but can only be used on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Customers under the age of 25 years can join MTN Pulse by dialling *411# to get these bundles, and more discounted data offers.

The pricing for these new data bundles is shown in the tables below.

BundleValidityData and minutesPrice
MTN Pulse integrated voice and data bundles
MTN Pulse Daily R5 bundleDaily100MB (50MB Anytime + 50MB Night Express)R5.00
+5min MTN-to-MTN
MTN Pulse Daily R10 bundleDaily400MB (200MB Anytime + 200MB Night Express)R10.00
+15min MTN-to-MTN
MTN Pulse Daily R19 bundleDaily1GB (500MB Anytime + 500MB Night Express)R19.00
30min MTN-to-MTN
+ Free 60min MTN Pulse to MTN Pulse
MTN Pulse Weekly R30 bundleWeekly800MB (400MB Anytime + 400MB Night Express)R30.00
+ 60min MTN-to-MTN
+ Free 60min MTN Pulse to MTN Pulse
MTN Pulse Monthly R79 bundleMonthly2GB (1GB Anytime + 1GB Night Express)R79.00
+ 100min MTN-to-MTN
+ Free 100min MTN Pulse to MTN Pulse
MTN Pulse Data Only Bundles
MTN Pulse Daily R5 bundleDaily120MB (60MB Anytime + 60MB Night Express)R5.00
MTN Pulse Daily R10 bundleDaily500MB (250MB Anytime + 250MB Night Express)R10.00
MTN Pulse Daily R19 bundleDaily1GB AnytimeR19.00
MTN Pulse Weekly R30 bundleWeekly1GB (500MB Anytime + 500MB Night Express)R30.00
MTN Pulse Monthly R79 bundleMonthly2.5GB (1.25GB Anytime + 1.25GB Night Express)R79.00
MTN Pulse Social Pass Bundles
MTN Pulse R5 Social Pass bundleDaily300MBR5.00
MTN Pulse R10 Social Pass bundleDaily1GBR10.00
MTN Pulse R19 Social Pass bundleDaily3GBR19.00
MTN Pulse R30 Social Pass bundleWeekly3GBR30.00
MTN Pulse R79 Social Pass bundleMonthly8GBR79.00
MTN Pulse Student Bundle
MTN Pulse 10GB Student  bundleWeekly5GB Anytime + 5GB Night expressR49.00