How to SIM Swap MTN Prepaid Number

You can SIM swap your MTN SIM Card via At any MTN Store, By dialling 135 and speaking to an agent
and Via SMS. You don’t need to RICA for a new contract SIM card if you’re an existing customer.You only need to get your new contract SIM card from an MTN Store.

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How to SIM Swap MTN Prepaid Number by SMS

  1. SMS Swap from your current contract SIM card to 44770.
  2. Wait for the OTP.
  3. SMS SwapNew SIM number*OTP# to 44770
    The SMS should look like this: Swap0831234567*4567#
  4. Once your old SIM card stops working, put in your new SIM card and switch it on
  5. Your device is now ready to use with your new SIM card.