How to RICA a Boxercom SIM Card

Boxercom is a mobile network by Boxer Stores. Get your SIM card at your nearest Boxer store for only R1 plus you can RICA in-store and port your number across.

When you RICA the Boxercom SIM card, it needs to be placed into the mobile device immediately for the sim card to active within 4 hours. The sim card cannot be removed or this will interrupt the activation process.
The sim will have to be placed into the mobile device for full 24hrs. The phone has to be switched on and stay on for the duration of the 24hr activation. If the sim card is removed, the activation won’t take place or will take longer than 24hrs.
Boxer Stores Sim Check balance *136#, transfer airtime to data *136# and option 2

You can Port your number into Boxercom by calling Customer support on 135 from an active Boxercom Sim or from 0860 30 40 50 from any other phone.