How to port your number to Cell C

To port to Cell C, you must first buy a Cell C starter pack and RICA the SIM. The second step is to SMS the new SIM serial number to 084 767 8287 using your old SIM.

You will receive two confirmation SMSs on the old SIM. All you need to do now is wait for the old SIM to lose network service. Once it does, insert the new Cell C SIM card into your phone to connect to the network.

For contract subscribers: According to Cell C’s website, any number that is out of the 24-month contract period with your existing network can easily be ported. The process is as follows:

  • Advise your current network (within 31 days) of the date you wish to port.
  • Advise your Cell C consultant of this date and Cell C will arrange to port the number to your chosen tariff package the night of the date chosen. All product and services will be available to use on the day the number is ported.