How to cancel subscription on MTN

Are you losing your MTN airtime through subscriptions which you might have subscribed to unintentionally and are finding out that your artime suddenly disappears.

Here is how you can work around the problem

  • Check/manage subscription services by dialling *141*5#
      • Dial *141*5#
      • Select option 2 (Content Services)
      • Select option 1 (Manage Content Services to view or cancel subscriptions)
      • Select option 2 (Manage Premium Rated Services to set spend limits for PRS or opt out of PRS marketing)
    • Block PRS charges by dialling *155#
      • Dial *155#
      • Select option 99 (more)
      • Select option 4 (Block/Unblock future charges)
      • Select option 2 (Premium-rated services)
    • Block PRS marketing by dialling *155#
      • Dial *155#
      • Select option 3 (Stop third party messages