Green Connect Cellphone Contracts

Green Connect sells Mobile contracts as an employee benefit. Companies are hesitant to provide mobile phone benefits to employees – too much paperwork, too much hassle, too much risk. Can the employee be trusted not to abuse such benefits? How will the company monitor the use thereof?

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The answer is to shift the risk from the company to the employee. By reselling mobile and airtime products and services as a payrolldeduction, Green Connect cashes in on the employee-employer relationship and makes it possible for the employee to access previously unavailable products and services previously unavailable to them.

While using Green Connect has perks for the employer, the contract remains between Green Connect and the employee. As a Green Connect user, the employee gets the cheapest airtime rates available and can add on to their contract services like data, BIS and international roaming. These price-sensitive customers are still able to manage their monthly spend and have access to handsets and tablets they can pay off over 24 months.